STEP 1: Info Upload

Let us know what you want your app to do, how you want it to look and any other information you think is important. We'll then present you with a game plan for delivering a rewards app exclusively for your location(s) with just the functions you have chosen.  We'll let you know what it's going to cost and when you say APPROVED we're off to the races.


STEP 2: Customization

We start grinding our gears. Developing your app's functionality. Designing the user experience. Creating it's look and feel. Adding bells and whistles. And testing, testing, testing and then delivering you your first of it's kind rewards app.


STEP 3: Bells & Whistles

Looking for some flair? Then add a suite of games for your guests to play right on location. Or quick and targeted promo videos you blast out to your customers. And maybe, just maybe, augmented reality that'll turn your menus, signs, art, bottles and lots more into ad space--owned by you.



STEP 4: Mission Control

Here's where you see and control everything. Rewards program details, app usage analytics, customer activity stats like check-in #'s, reservations & bill pay.

Right from your dashboard run targeted email campaigns and send timely texts. Even manage AR Rewards promotions from here and watch your ROI and interaction #'s grow.


STEP 5: Your Custom Rewards App

It fits like a charm because you designed it.  And when the time comes to add more features it's easy, fast, and affordable.

Take this demo out for a spin and if you like how it feels let The Rewardinator build one just for you. 

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